Protecting Innovation, Technology, and the Arts

Firm Overview

We are dedicated exclusively to the practice of intellectual property law, and provide straight forward, thorough, high quality representation to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being creative, thorough and precise. We expect that our clients will demand nothing short of technical excellence. In that regard, we embrace the most challenging and difficult tasks, including complex inventions, detail critical matters and other opportunities that require sophisticated and exhaustive problem solving and analysis.


Our billing practices are customized to our client’s needs or requirements:

Thomas E. Lees, LLC is dedicated to controlling costs and managing client fees. These billing practices enable our firm to provide our clients with quality, cost-effective legal counsel. We can provide task-based billing and budgeting information and will work with e-billing services to accommodate client systems. We are willing to discuss any billing arrangements that bring value to both parties, such as “not to exceed” hourly rates, per file or per matter charge, etc.


Cost Control Benefits:

I. Patent illustrations and art searches billed without surcharge.

II. No charges for telephone calls and regular letters or reasonable photocopies.

III. Travel expenses are billed at cost and local expenses are not billed.

IV. No charges for administrative services unless specifically identified.